locked Re: Getting copies of the messages you send


On 1/28/2015 7:53 AM, Mark Fletcher wrote:
It sounds like many people want to have the messages they send to groups
show up in their mailbox. Should I enable that for all groups and all
users? Can you see any downside with doing so?
I suspect that anyone who is used to any listerver
other than LSoft is going to expect it. I don't
know of any way to turn it off on Yahoo or Google,
and I *think* I remember that it's possible with
MailMan, but none of my Y refugees wanted it
implemented if so. LSoft has "noack" - it's not
your message but an acknowledgement that your
message made it, as well as the other setting that
lets you not see your own posts, and it was a
subscriber option, not a list option. Can't remember
with Lyris either - but again I never implemented
it when I was using a Lyris server, so the only list
I don't see my own messages on is the old PSU list
running on LSoft (I think it was the default in 1989
when I joined that list!).

Which is a very long way of saying - I don't see any


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