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On Tue, Jan 27, 2015 at 11:21 pm, Shal Farley shal@... wrote:

that works similarly to how Y! Groups' button works, to insert the quoted message in the reply box.

Can I have mine shown (inserted) by default? I almost always want to inline quote for context.

I think it makes sense to just remove that button and have the message quoted in the reply box.

And... I love breaking the rules by not wrapping my plain text message bodies (because that generally works better with other people's email services and with on-line message archives that dynamically word-wrap at the window width); but I don't like that at all for quoted text. So could I have a wrap button that re-wraps paragraphs (blank line separated) and if the paragraph is reply quoted ("> ") inserts the quote marking on each of the wrapped lines. Note, a line with only the quote marking should also be considered a paragraph separator.

So, when quoting a message for reply, you want long lines wrapped? Around what # of characters per line, 78? FWIW, the emails currently generated with long quoted lines not wrapped still look fine (like your paragraph here).

Thanks, Mark

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