moderated "Reply to Sender" link in e-mail messages and lack of "Private:" on resulting Subject

Brian Vogel <britechguy@...>

When one is on the web interface and wants to compose a private message there is a "Private" button at the lower right of the compose window.  When one hits it the subject is automatically prepended with "Private:" and the "Send" button at the lower left is changed to "Reply to Sender."

The e-mail equivalent is the "Reply to Sender" link at the bottom of each message.  However, when one hits that and it fires up one's e-mail client or webmail interface, a "Private:" is not placed in front of the Subject like it is when you do this on the web.  It would be nice if the behavior were consistent and it's really useful to have that "Private:" there so that the recipient is immediately aware that they have something that's not an on-list message and the topic that spun off the sender to send the message.

Is this an oversight, or is it by design for some reason?
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