moderated Please let us to reply to members when moderating - and Lazy User Report on Search function

Jennifer Christian

Sometimes I need to communicate with members about their messages that I have not yet approved (as moderator). In fact I did it twice this week – asking one to clarify a statement and the other to add more detailed information to improve the value to readers.   Without an obvious and easy way to do the task in Moderator view, I copied and pasted their email addresses into new emails in Outlook. 


Is it possible to add a button that would let us communicate with authors of pending messages more easily?   


And I think I’ve figured out why you are trying to find a better search solutions.   I wondered if this issue (communicating with senders before approving their messages) had come up already, so ……

  1. I searched for “reply to sender of a pending message” I got 2912 responses,  the first screenful were the topics from tonight’s Beta Digeest.
  2. I searched for “reply to sender while moderating” I got 2543 responses, again the first screen was all topics discussed in the last two days.
  3. After I searched for two other word strings and kept getting the same stuff and huge number, I got frustrated enough to start looking  around on the  Pending Message screen.   FINALLY I noticed the words on the far right (they are awfully far away if they are supposed to be important – couldn’t they be RIGHT NEXT to the Search box?).
  4. The words were Date and Relevance.  So I guess that maybe these were organizer terms, and maybe Search was now set to emphasize Date.   So I clicked Relevance.  (Gradually a dim memory appeared of reading about this in Beta – but of course, non-Beta members will have zero awareness).
  5. Now the search produced a different (yet still REALLY REALLY long) list of messages   After reviewing the first screen’s worth = 20, (none which actually addressed my topic) I decided that’s all the work I’m willing to do -- and decided to write to you guys (unisex term).  


Lazy Unobservant Non-techie User= Excellent Beta Tester

Jennifer Christian


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