moderated Re: New editor - slow typing?


On Wed, Jun 14, 2017 at 08:03 pm, Mark Fletcher wrote:
Ok, I think I fixed the slow down for real this time. Fingers crossed!
Hi, Mark.

Here's Martin's latest response. It's sounds like it's largely improved, but still some issues.


Okay, so lets give it another try ...
Here we go happily typing ahead and atail and it still works. I would not have expected a slowdown at this low character or word count here.
So lets type and type and type and see whether my fingers will start to hurt before they start to bleed and then I will send the hospital bill to the Groups.Io managers for compensation.
... deleted some of this four letter stuff ... see later down
Now MS-Word tells me that I have about 1500 words or 6000 characters, which should be good for a usual long and winding reply.
I also do a few copy/delete/insert operations to see what happens. I also do a few copy/delete/insert operations to see what happens. I also do a few copy/delete/insert operations to see what happens.
Indeed there is still a slight slowdown at this point while typing. but as this message is extraordinary long it is not as annoying as before.

There seems to be more lagging behind when I move the cursor, i.e. just by using the arrow/cursor keys or CTRL+arrow to jump over words.
The cursor movement is fine when just performing a single cursor key or CTRL+cursor key press, but when hitting e.g. the LEFT arrow quickly 5 times in a row, I see each individual cursor movement appearing with an rate of about 1/10 second. If I keep the key down (no individual key presses) the cursor moves as fast as expected without any noticeable lagging. Maybe there is a repeat rate somewhere to adjust? BTW: All this in HTML mode.

Out of curiosity I have deleted most of the crap above so that I am now down to about 300 words or 1300 characters and the slowdown does not go away.
Is there a leak in that old memory boat? Also: double-clicking a word does not select the word anymore. Tried fast and slow double-clicking.

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