moderated Reporting editor problems


Hi All,

There have been a couple of editor problems reported that I cannot reproduce. Specifically, in the editor wiki page, I cannot reproduce the blockquote quirk. I also have not been able to reproduce other problems editing existing pending messages. Nor have I been able to reproduce any problems splitting lines of text. If you are seeing problems, please send an email to support with as much detail as possible (no detail too small! no price too low!) :

- What browser/OS are you using?
- If a pending message, which pending message are you editing? If you've already approved the pending message, point me to it in the archives.
- What are the EXACT steps to take to reproduce the problem? Pretend I'm an idiot (it's not that difficult!). Tell me exactly what to type and where to position the cursor. An example of the confusion I'm suffering when trying to reproduce things: on the wiki page talking about the blockquote quirk, it's not clear to me if the Blockquote button on the toolbar is ever pressed, or if you're just talking about quoting the existing message, using either the Quote Whole Message button or by highlighting part of the existing message before hitting the reply button. 

I think I've fixed the slowness issue (bad javascript on my part), as well as the HTML flashing issue.


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