moderated Re: New editor - slow typing?

Douglas Swearingen

I do not know which resolved the problem.  I tried again to post after Mark removed the word count.  I did not have the slow down then.

As well, I switched from HTML to Plain Text and did not have the problem with the slow down then either.


On Tuesday, June 13, 2017 8:16 PM, Shal Farley <shals2nd@...> wrote:


> I reformat the text of spread-out messages so they are tight on the
> page -- for easier reading and reduce scrolling -- as a courtesy to
> my members.

I don't have any reason to believe it would matter, but just for
clarity: you're talking about editing the messages while pending,
correct? (As opposed to messages already posted.)

> Message writers' signature blocks often appear with (invisible)
> paragraph returns and coded extra line spacing between the lines of
> text. Since I don't "do" html, I have to figure out how to snug up
> the lines.

It would be very handy if there were a display option to show the HTML
element boundaries, and let one put the cursor deliberately inside or
between them. A little like MS Word's Show/Hide ¶ button allows you to
see some invisible elements. I don't think I've ever seen an HTML editor
with a feature like that, until now.

The View menu in the example at ephox's website has a Show Blocks
checkbox which looks a lot like what I'm after. I don't know if that's a
feature Mark can surface for us, but it could be helpful.

> I couldn't make that trick work in the new editor, until by stabbing
> around in frustration I hit upon CTRL+ RETURN -- which works.

Thanks for that. I haven't seen this behavior yet - Return and
Ctrl+Return and Shift+Return all seem to do the same thing in the simple
test cases I've tried - but I'll try to remember it in case I run into
that situation.


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