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Brian Vogel <britechguy@...>

I agree that how notices that a given thread was locked/unlocked, moderated/unmoderated, should be delivered via e-mail in the context of the delivery option that the user has chosen.  But I would think that for digest folks the state change notifications would best be presented as their own thing at the outset to a digest.

I'm sure that someone will now tell me how wrong my presumption is, but based on all of the groups I read here it's not like the volume of locking/unlocking and moderating/unmoderating is huge on any group so these notices at the beginning of a digest should not be extensive.

I also want to make clear that my earlier comments say for e-mail participants because I have to presume that anyone such as myself, who has "no email" subscription to everything, is seeing the icons for locked and moderated presented on the message(s) and topic(s) that fall into either of those categories as they browse the groups that they read.  I would never want e-mail regarding these state changes because they're completely unnecessary for a web-based user.
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