moderated Re: New editor - slow typing?

Jennifer Christian

Another oddity of this new editor is that it uses a unfamiliar (to me) convention to eliminate unwanted coded paragraph returns and create line wraps.  (Hope my terminology is understandable)  As you may recall,  I am a VERY active "value added" moderator.  I reformat the text of spread-out messages so they are tight on the page -- for easier reading and reduce scrolling -- as a courtesy to my members. 

Message writers' signature blocks often appear with (invisible) paragraph returns and coded extra line spacing between the lines of text.  Since I don't "do" html,  I have to figure out how to snug up the lines. 

In Word, in Outlook, AND in the prior editor, I can DELETE a coded paragraph return AND create a line wrap by using the same method in all three.  I click DELETE get rid of the paragraph return and bring the second line up to the end of the first one.  Then, I click SHIFT + RETURN to move the second line down into its proper place without any extra line spacing.  

I couldn't make that trick work in the new editor, until by stabbing around in frustration I hit upon CTRL+ RETURN -- which works.  Unfamiliar conventions are not good, correct?

Jennifer Christian

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