moderated Re: Potential search change


In other words, I don't want just a list of topics. I want the latest message. 

I think the reasons are unimportant. Some people are going to prefer one thing over the other. Actually, even here in beta, after getting a message via email, I usually want to respond to it via the web. So when I go to the group on the web, I want to immediately access the latest message in order to respond to it (as I'm doing right now). But instead of that, I'm taken to the topic and then have to click on the arrow and then on "messages" to get to where I want to. It's laborious. 

I've sort of given up on this, but whenever an opportune time comes up via a related issue, I bring it up again, as I have here. But I hope that at some point Mark makes a decision about this one way or the other.


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