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On Sun, Jun 11, 2017 at 08:05 am, J_Catlady wrote:
I wonder if the preference for topics vs individual message search results has at least partly to do with whether you're an active moderator of a group (Brian, it's my understanding that you moderate one group, but I'm not sure how active you are?) vs. mainly a group member.

 I don't think it has as much to do with whether I'm a moderator or not.   But it does have to do with the "active" part - particularly from my perspective of how you've described the moderation process on your group.

I could never moderate in as hands-on a way as you do (and that's not a criticism, just an observation).   I also don't, on any place I moderate, hold myself personally responsible for maintaining a specific standard of accuracy regarding content, and you do.

On the group I moderate the only thing I am responsible for is merging threads back together that get split by something as silly as deleting a character in the subject line of a message when replying.  I do this on a very regular basis, and all I do is look at the titles of the topics/threads and if one says, "Maple trees that grow well in the South," while another says, "Maple tree that grow well in the South," those two topics are merged without my even reading them if they are occurring in a timeframe that makes it apparent that we're dealing with one topic.

It's up to the participants in said threads to take up any issues they have with the content as it is presented.  The group here I moderate for does not actively moderate individual posts (except for brand new members, and briefly) and if I were to be in a situation where genuine oversight of all content were desired then the group would be 100% moderated for each and every post, at least until a member has demonstrated that this is not necessary in their case.

I am often looking for a specific message, but in my head I also know what thread or threads it was most likely contained in.  My mind tends to latch on to topics first and specific "keywords" that have floated through on a given topic in a far looser way.
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