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Thanks for all the feedback. Based on this and other feedback outside the group, sub group creation will only be allowed by owners and moderators who have the permission to do so.

One final question: For moderators, should it be a new permission bit or should it be grouped with the 'Modify Group Settings or Delete Group' permission? It's easy enough to add a new permission, but I always worry that the permissions system is already too complicated, so I'm hesitant to add new permissions. If there are no strong opinions, I'll just add it to the Modify Group Settings permission.


On Wed, Oct 22, 2014 at 2:13 PM, Cacky B <cackyb@...> wrote:
My preference would definitely that only owner/mods with full privilege be able to create sub groups.  As someone else has said, giving this option to a full membership could be very unwieldy.  If there are those who prefer to allow members to create sub groups, then having that as an option when the parent group is set up so that owners could choose what will work for their specific group.

Again, making the options on where the archives are viewable (parent group and sub group or only sub group) seems like a good solution for privacy settings.


On 10/21/2014 11:00 PM, Mark Fletcher wrote:
I took a break from working on the calendar stuff (which can get a little tedious) to work on sub groups, and they're mostly ready. Here are details about how they're implemented. I also have a question for the group. Please let me know if you have any feedback:

- group+owner@groups.io is unchanged from what it is now (ie. it's not a full fledged sub group, because it's just different enough that I thought it wouldn't make sense)
- You must be subscribed to the parent group before you can subscribe to the sub group
- Sub groups have 2 privacy settings: archives visible to the parent group subscribers and archives visible only to the sub group subscribers.
- Sub groups are unlisted/don't appear in the search directory
- Sub groups are listed on the group home page, but only if you're already subscribed to the parent group
- There is no invite function for sub groups, but there is direct add from subscribers to the parent group
- Besides these changes, sub groups have all the functionality of main groups

- How should permissions work? Should it be that only owners/moderators with the correct permission can create sub groups? Or should it be one of: subscribers to the parent group/moderators/owners? That is, can 'normal' subscribers of the parent group create sub groups?


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