moderated Re: automated, customizable "topic closed" and "topic moderated" notices #suggestion

Brian Vogel <britechguy@...>


When using mouse hover over there is dead silence from NVDA and I often get "text" from JAWS, but nothing else, when hovering over the gavel, thumbs up, etc.

If I bring up the list of links on a page in JAWS, there is absolutely nothing read other than the topic's subject (which is, of course, what's the link itself).

There has got to be a way to make these indicators speak, but I'm wondering now about how this would be handled/handle-able when it comes to using elements or links lists in screen readers, since those icons are really not a part of the actual link to a message or topic itself.


I've never taught myself enough Window Eyes to even try to test with it, but the writing was on the wall even before VFO bought both Freedom Scientific and AI Squared.  At this point I wouldn't test with Window Eyes because it is slated to have support discontinued in the foreseeable future and Window Eyes users would be wise to take the JAWS replacement and give NVDA a try, too.

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