moderated Updates to Trello Integration <beta@...>

[Beta] New card "Edit button on sticky wiki display" was added to list "Messages and Archives".

[Beta] The blue label "Messages & Archives" was added to the card "Edit button on sticky wiki display".

[Beta] The description of card "Edit button on sticky wiki display" was changed to:

From Shal:

One inconvenient aspect of the Sticky Wiki feature is that when it comes time to update its content you have to go find the page in your Wiki's list of pages. Then come back to Messages to check the resulting appearance.

Perhaps moderators (those who can modify group settings) and owners should always see an Edit link or button near the Sticky Wiki display (and an empty box when the page is empty). Saving or Discarding the edit would return you to the page (Topics or Messages) where you started.

This would also make the Sticky Wiki feature fully usable even when the main Wiki is disabled (it already displays despite that setting).

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