moderated automated, customizable "topic closed" and "topic moderated" notices #suggestion


Our group has concocted a "topic on moderation" message with the goal of being friendlier towards the well-meaning (and well-behaving) group members who have been posting in a thread that needs locking or moderation. It goes something like this:

"Thank you to those who have participated in this thread. In our effort to balance the often competing goals of increasing helpfulness, accuracy, and camaraderie while decreasing distraction, misleading information, and clutter, this thread is now going on moderated status. All replies to it by everyone except Dr. X and members of the administrative team will require approval." 

The idea was suggested by a member of our admin team and we are working out the details, but I immediately had the impulse to want it to be automated. So, is this possible? Could there be a customizable message for the lock and moderate topic situations that moderators can click on to include as the last post in a thread before it goes on moderation or is locked? I suppose it would require a new message category in "member notices," possibly "topic notice"? Then when you click on "moderate topic" or "lock topic," a dropdown would come up. Or something. Not sure whether this is more trouble than it's worth, but it would be very convenient for our group.


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