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Well, I now have a PDF in my wiki!

Thank you to Lena who sent me an example of linking to an uploaded PDF in Files to the wiki. So I uploaded the PDF to Files and used the URL from that page to insert into the wiki using the Link tool.



On May 4 17, at 3:36 PM, Frances <travel@...> wrote:

I would be happy with uploading a PDF to Files and then linking to the specific file in the wiki using the Link Tool. Whatever works! I just would like a user to go to a wiki page and find everything on that page or on a link from that page.

As for examples of adding a PDF to a wiki - a Google search adding a pdf to a wiki retrieved several. National Cancer Institute wiki. MediaWiki. Wikipedia!


It says that "As of March 2012, the following file types may be uploaded: png, gif, jpg/jpeg, xcf, pdf, mid, ogg/ogv/oga, svg, djvu. All others are prohibited for security reasons, and pdf and djvu are intended primarily for projects like Wikisource."


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