moderated Re: Regarding emailed login links


Hi Dano,

On Wed, May 3, 2017 at 11:30 PM, D R Stinson <dano@...> wrote:

I just lost a group member. This is most frustrating for me because he made the transition to the new group fine and was getting messages by email. Unfortunately, he was never able to get logged in to the web page and finally gave up in frustration and quit. I had worked with him quite a bit and provided him with the detailed procedure that follows this message.

Can you send me his email address off-list? If the logs haven't rotated out, I can look up his interactions and see what happened.
In exchanges with him he indicated that all his attempts at clicking on the link in the email took him to "the page with elephants", which suggests to me that the messages were timing out for him.

What could also be the case is that he has cookies disabled. In which case he'd never be able to log in.

This happened repeatedly for him. Is there a way that half hour could be extended to a "Cinderella hour" for members who have problems?

I've bumped the expiration to an hour.

Alternately, for premium groups, could there be a way that owners could send (or have sent) a message with a temporary password directly to a member having problems, which they would then have to change upon their first login? These members would have to be fully moderated until we knew they were okay, but it might be a way around the problem that drove my member away.

I can definitely consider something like that. But I'd first like to find out why your member had problems.


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