moderated Re: Google Docs invite phishing attack



For those of us who don't spend all their time staring at their smart
phones it is far from convenient. My PAYG mobile is only turned on if
and when I need to use it, very rarely, so I won't be enabling two
factor here.
The second factor is only required the first time you access from a given browser/device -- not on every sign-in. This makes it far less arduous than you're imagining. It primarily happens when you bring up a new device/machine or install a new browser (or use someone else's computer). Unless you routinely use public computers or for other reasons frequently flush your browser's memory.

I don't use Google Docs either - so any email I receive about that
would be instantly known to be spam.
You don't have to be a Google Docs user to know someone who might want to share a file with you.


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