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On 9/27/2016 at 10:33:57 AM, Mark posted:

I just made a change to emailed login links. Before, the link would expire after the first time it was clicked, or 30 minutes, whichever came first. But there are anti-spam systems that automatically click on every link in an email, and there's no way to distinguish those clicks from real clicks. People protected by these systems cannot use the email me a login link functionality (and get frustrated when they try). So I've changed it so that the links are active for 30 minutes regardless of how many times they're clicked.

I don't think this creates much more of a security issue. Please let me know if you disagree of have other suggestions.
I just lost a group member. This is most frustrating for me because he made the transition to the new group fine and was getting messages by email. Unfortunately, he was never able to get logged in to the web page and finally gave up in frustration and quit. I had worked with him quite a bit and provided him with the detailed procedure that follows this message.

In exchanges with him he indicated that all his attempts at clicking on the link in the email took him to "the page with elephants", which suggests to me that the messages were timing out for him. This happened repeatedly for him. Is there a way that half hour could be extended to a "Cinderella hour" for members who have problems?

Alternately, for premium groups, could there be a way that owners could send (or have sent) a message with a temporary password directly to a member having problems, which they would then have to change upon their first login? These members would have to be fully moderated until we knew they were okay, but it might be a way around the problem that drove my member away.


Signing onto the web page for the first time
1) Go to
2) Click on the blue ''Log in'' box in the upper right.
3) Enter your email address in the ''Email Address'' box. *** DO NOT enter any password!! ***
4) Click on "Forget your password?" under it.
=[ The next three steps may or may not occur. If they do, just work through them. If they don't, you'll be taken to step 8). ]=
5) This will open a new window titled ''Send Log In Link''.
6) Enter your email address
7) Click on ''Email link to log in''.
8) That will give you a message that says ''An email has been sent to you with a link to log into your account.''
9) Close the window and
10) Check your email right away. Within about five minutes or so you should get a message titled ''Link to log into''. If you don't find it after 10 minutes, check your spam filter.
11) Open the message and click on the link. NOTE: The link is only good for a half hour. If you get the message but it's been too long and the link has expired you can just start again at 1).
12) The link will take you to your subscriptions page at Now you are into the website and there's not a need to rush after this.
13) On the same page, near the right end of the blue bar is your username or email address. Click on the down triangle following it.
14) This will open up a menu with your email address, the option ''Account'' and the option ''Logout''.
15) Click on ''Account'', and you will be taken to your master Login page. Your email address will show in the ''Email'' box. Below it is a ''Password'' box. Enter a password of your choice. It must be at least six characters long. Try to make a good password, and WRITE IT DOWN or otherwise remember it.
16) Then click on ''Change Password''. You have now set your password, and you should remain logged in for a number of days unless you log out.
17) If you get logged out later on, you can log in by clicking the ''Log in'' box to the right on the blue bar and putting in your email address and password that you wrote down. If that doesn't work, you can follow this procedure again to log in one more time.

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