moderated Re: Capability to add PDFs or documents #suggestion



I agree that the ability to add PDF files would be useful. There are
some procedures that might be better and easier shared without the
risk of corruption by passing along as a PDF. I'm ASSuming that these
documents would be somehow checked for malicious links??
It may not be just links.

I think the issue is similar, or identical, to the question of whether a PDF file uploaded to the Files section should be allowed to open within the browser window, or whether the user is forced to download it and open it on their own. Obviously the latter wouldn't be nearly as useful as a page in the wiki.

Opening a user-supplied file within a web page opens up some risks when the file might contains scripts (programs) that could interact with the web site itself. PDF is such a format, so the question is whether the browser's viewer is sufficiently protected against malicious content. In the arms race between functionality and security it is difficult to be certain.

Speaking of "as a page in the wiki", since opening in the browser is currently supported for PDFs in the Files section, I think this would be my suggestion. Make it simple to include in a wiki page a link that refers to a file in the File section. That avoids having a whole separate mechanism for uploading files into the Wiki.

Or perhaps have Link tool in the window offer both choices: browse and link to an existing file, or browse to a File folder then upload and link to a new file in that folder.

Either way, unless some magic were worked, you'd end up looking at a PDF in the browser's viewer, and not surrounded by the usual header, footer, and sidebars that one normally sees on Wiki pages.

Notably I think we're in uncharted territory here. Are there any examples of wiki's that support PDF content in a native way?


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