moderated Re: Premium group badge?


> I hope people answering in this thread will say whether or not they
> have a premium/enterprise vs basic group. My group is now premium
> but I am ambivalent about making the distinction visible. (Literally
> ambivalent. I go back and forth on it. Just curious, when people
> answer here, which side of this they're coming from.) Thanks.
> --
> J
Like J, I'm ambivalent about the idea. I have two groups that I took premium, mostly for the additional moderator's capabilities. I have another coming over, and am shepherding a couple more, but they will stay as basic groups. As for funding, we discussed it on the group and it drew interesting comments. A few wanted to contribute, but I know that others would be pushed away by any such requirement. I think if Mark comes up with a system whereby people could contribute to the ongoing costs of the group, I would want it to be voluntary, with my own account as responsible if the donations dried up.
I'm not certain that a badge of any kind would be terribly useful. Some people might be suspicious of it, and others might find it draws unnecessary attention. Maybe if it was just something simple on the group home page it would be okay. As JohnF suggested, it might reflect that the owner is more dedicated or perhaps better cared for.
I don't know. I vacillate between thinking it would be okay and thinking it would be an embarrassment. The group is really the people in it, not the owner. In a really good group, I think the owner is more like the head janitor, taking care of problems behind the scenes. My feeling is the most successful owners are the least visible. Perhaps such a badge could reflect those groups that someone found exceptional enough to put resources toward to protect.

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