locked Reply to group/sender & user names


Reply to group vs reply to sender looks like it's currently only available as a default setting for the group. Can we have it available as a choice for individual emails, both via the group site and also via email? Is that possible to do?

Also, is there an option to have replies go only to list owner and moderators? We use that for one group which only really needs to have minimal volume. Everyone gets the notice and only the people who can assist at that time need to get back to the listowner to confirm their availability.

A separate issue: what's the current character limit on user names? Currently on Wiggio, I can add people and include their full name plus organization they're with so when they post messages, the group can easily identify them. It's important for us to have that as it saves some questions back and forth in our network and cuts down on email volume.

When I add people to Wiggio, I do it in this format
FirstName LastName OrganizationSTATE <email@...>

When they post messages, this comes through in the FROM field of the email:
FirstName LastName OrganizationSTATE <groupname@...>

That's one of the features we really like about Wiggio..

We can't currently reply only to the sender on Wiggio and it's adding unnecessary volume to everyone's in box.


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