locked Re: Subgroups



- Sub groups have 2 privacy settings: archives visible to the parent
group subscribers and archives visible only to the sub group
- Sub groups are unlisted/don't appear in the search directory
- Sub groups are listed on the group home page, but only if you're
already subscribed to the parent group
The Privacy settings for a subgroup could mirror those for the parent group:
- Listed in parent group, archives visible to parent group members
- Listed in parent group, private archives
- Not listed in parent group, private archives
With no option to make the sub group listed in the directory, nor to make its archives publicly viewable.

- How should permissions work? Should it be that only owners/moderators
with the correct permission can create sub groups? Or should it be one
of: subscribers to the parent group/moderators/owners? That is, can
'normal' subscribers of the parent group create sub groups?
I can see arguments either way, depending on the nature of the group. So...

The logical selections (to an access control option) would seem to be:
- Off (no one can create a sub group)
- Moderators (this includes owners)
- Members
I think the control would be over access to the affordance to create sub groups. That is, selecting "Off" wouldn't affect any existing sub-groups.

-- Shal

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