Re: Spam/bogus join requests



Helen wrote:

The problem, Shal, is firstly the sheer volume (trying to fiind the
person to approve in a list of five pages) but mainIy it's that we no
longer know who is legitimate, so the people who are legitimate are
no longer getting the help they need to join the group.
Perhaps it would help if the Pending Approval list could be sorted or filtered by NC status. Of course, that still doesn't help find the "legit" applicants who happen to still be NC.


Ideally I'd like to somehow filter the baddies ... but I
know that's easier said than done.
Right. I don't know if there's any systematic way Mark can weed these out based on information he has that we don't.

... (this never used to happen, but I do have a join option on my
website, I don't know if that's a factor)...
I would guess these are caused by messages sent to the group's +subscribe address, not by access to the "Apply For Membership" (or Join) button on the group's home page. Can you confirm or falsify that based on Activity Log entries?

For email subscription I'm assuming Mark already has some filtering on this based on source authentication (SPF & DKIM) - elsewise I think we'd all have long since been buried by the spambots. So these requests are likely coming from compromised email accounts; or like the airbnb example "backscatter" from attempted use of the group's +subscribe address to access another service.


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