Re: Spam/bogus join requests


Thank you. I have always had a questionnaire before you can join any of my groups. Unfortunately it doesn't really help in this situation. One of my groups is completely untouched by this problem, the other is overwhelmed.

The lack of response to the questionnaire does not mean the applicant is a spammer. Spammers never fill out the questionnaire, but quite a few legitimate applicants don't either (even before the spam addresses appeared, I rejected more than I accepted, though everyone gets a second chance to join when I reject them). This is my problem, it is hard to spot and help those people in the midst of the spammers. Many of the suspected spammers have ordinary looking e-mail addresses, so I have no way of knowing who is who.

If there is no other way forward, I think I would prefer not to even see any pending members unless they have moved on from NC.


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