locked Subgroups


I took a break from working on the calendar stuff (which can get a little tedious) to work on sub groups, and they're mostly ready. Here are details about how they're implemented. I also have a question for the group. Please let me know if you have any feedback:

- group+owner@groups.io is unchanged from what it is now (ie. it's not a full fledged sub group, because it's just different enough that I thought it wouldn't make sense)
- You must be subscribed to the parent group before you can subscribe to the sub group
- Sub groups have 2 privacy settings: archives visible to the parent group subscribers and archives visible only to the sub group subscribers.
- Sub groups are unlisted/don't appear in the search directory
- Sub groups are listed on the group home page, but only if you're already subscribed to the parent group
- There is no invite function for sub groups, but there is direct add from subscribers to the parent group
- Besides these changes, sub groups have all the functionality of main groups

- How should permissions work? Should it be that only owners/moderators with the correct permission can create sub groups? Or should it be one of: subscribers to the parent group/moderators/owners? That is, can 'normal' subscribers of the parent group create sub groups?


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