moderated Re: Sticky topics, sticky wiki page


Hi Mark,
Please don't remove the Read More link as it's a way in to the Home page of our wiki of "Resources for your Journey", a huge collection of links to articles and videos, etc., currently on 8 wiki pages, which couldn't possibly be displayed in full above any page. The new color is much better. Imho the banner could be smaller, and still be very effective. Privately, I'll send you a screen shot showing how much space on my 14" laptop is devoted to the current configuration.


Mark wrote:
I need to investigate whether I can get rid of the Read More link if it's not needed; I'm not sure how I'd do that yet. Alternatively, I can change it so that the sticky wiki page is always displayed in full, and then there'd be no need for the Read More link. This would require some discipline in terms of how long to make the page, but would be more flexible. Thoughts?

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