locked Re: Suggestion for files settings

Judy F.

OK Shal, I'm with you now! Sometimes it takes a while. Is it possible to
get Denial added?

Thanks to both you and Trish for your help.

Judy F.
SW Florida - USA

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Judy F.

On the group, I clicked the Setting button on the left

When I scroll down it shows Moderated, Restricted, etc.

I then clicked Member Notices at the top and it shows a welcome

But not just Welcome (when someone joins your group) but also tabs for:
Pending Subscription (restricted groups only), Goodbye (someone leaves your
group), and Banned (you ban someone).

The tabs are clearly shown in Trish's screen shots (Message #1243 & #1314).
"Welcome" is on the left of the row, "Banned" is on the right.

I clicked Update Notices at the bottom and it looks like I get
basically the same options as above.
That button saves the text you entered into the text entry box above the
button (and below the row of tabs).

I also clicked on all of the down arrows
I don't know what you mean by that.

I'm lost. I don't see any place where I can pick when pended, when
approve, when denied, etc. I'm sure it's there, but I can't find it.
I'm baffled that you're lost. You must be expecting to see something
different and not recognizing what's there.

-- Shal

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