moderated Re: FW: System still inverts moderator's pasted-in signature block


Hi All,

I have located and fixed the bug that caused Jennifer's email to contain screwed up characters. It had to do with the Normalize HTML Emails function.

Jennifer, I still haven't been able to track down the bug you're seeing with reversed pasted snippets. I looked at message 14101, and the signature is in the correct order. I assume that means you manually re-ordered it before sending? Next time this happens, please leave the message as is (assuming you're composing a message), so that it will be in drafts, and let me know, and I'll investigate some more. And if anyone else sees this, please let me know.


On Sat, Mar 18, 2017 at 10:28 PM, Jennifer Christian <jhchristian@...> wrote:

Earlier today I was moderating a message on one of my groups and attempted to add a signature block as required by that group’s ground rules.  I went to the Message archive online and found a signature block on a message previously sent by this member (from 2011).  It was in the following order, each item on a different line:   (a) Member name; (b) Professional role, (c) Organization, (d) Location, (e) web address – url.   BUT, when I pasted it into the current message, the order was instantly and entirely reversed:  e,d,c,b,a.   Last time it happened, I had copied the signature block from an email sitting in my Outlook folder on my laptop.  This time I was “in† online. 

I / we have reported this issue before.   Did Mark ever try to do anything about it?   (Sorry if I sound ignorant;  I don’t follow all Beta postings every day – although I do try to skim the topic headings in each digest I receive ).

The message in question was in the WFDRoundtable group, message # 14101 which I approved at 12:05 today.  It was sent by the member on March 15.

Jennifer Christian, MD, MPH
Moderator, Work Fitness & Disability Roundtable


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