moderated FW: System still inverts moderator's pasted-in signature block

Jennifer Christian

Earlier today I was moderating a message on one of my groups and attempted to add a signature block as required by that group’s ground rules.  I went to the Message archive online and found a signature block on a message previously sent by this member (from 2011).  It was in the following order, each item on a different line:   (a) Member name; (b) Professional role, (c) Organization, (d) Location, (e) web address – url.   BUT, when I pasted it into the current message, the order was instantly and entirely reversed:  e,d,c,b,a.   Last time it happened, I had copied the signature block from an email sitting in my Outlook folder on my laptop.  This time I was “in” online. 

I / we have reported this issue before.   Did Mark ever try to do anything about it?   (Sorry if I sound ignorant;  I don’t follow all Beta postings every day – although I do try to skim the topic headings in each digest I receive ).

The message in question was in the WFDRoundtable group, message # 14101 which I approved at 12:05 today.  It was sent by the member on March 15.

Jennifer Christian, MD, MPH
Moderator, Work Fitness & Disability Roundtable


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