moderated Ability to move a message from one group to another #suggestion

Brian Vogel <britechguy@...>

I realize that is "a big world" and that the following is a non-trivial request, but it works so well on BleepingComputer (BC) that I can see the general utility of this function here.

Very often a given individual sends/posts a message to a group where it's really "not appropriate" and, as a result, will not likely get the attention it deserves and would get if it were appropriately placed.

Very often the owner/moderator of the group where something lands actually knows where it might be better placed.  When that's the case on BC a moderator can move that message to the appropriate group and a "forwarding place holder" is left in the original location that directly shoots anyone using the web interface to the new location.

This is complicated here because there are so many groups with so many owners and there would need to be some request/permission granting mechanism for a move along with the complications related to the e-mail interface.  How one would get an email stream to "redirect" if a topic is moved would be challenging, to say the least.

Still, it's worth thinking about even if for the distant future.

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