moderated Re: BUG??? Message not posting



On Thu, Mar 16, 2017 at 2:05 PM, Donald Hellen <donhellen@...> wrote:
I sent a message to a group that I am an owner in on 3/15 at just
after 9 PM EDT. I hasn't posted yet. I re-sent it and while it hasn't
even very long, my messages typically post to the group within a few
minutes and it's been about 10 minutes with no post showing up.

There are no message delays that I know of.

I checked and the last message before this one that we saw posted from your email address was on the 12th. You might try posting from the website. Perhaps there's an issue with your email client?

In the future, these types of questions are probably best served by sending a message to instead of to beta@.


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