moderated Re: Allow moderation of Photos?

Ginny T.

Ah, thank you, Mark. I can appreciate that it is. I so very much hope that it can happen (sooner, rather than later and yes, I know I'm being greedy). We've had a lot of problems trying to control photos (like proper identification, staying on-topic, over-exuberance, etc.) and moderating them was the solution. As Donald pointed out, especially in today's world, a group being "infiltrated" even though owners/moderators do all we can to head that off at the pass, does happen. Whether it's porn, politics, advertising, or general spam that stuff still has to be weeded out if we can't head it off. Even with a moderator watching activity, there isn't someone on duty 24/7 so that stuff does manage to filter through to some members before moderators find and kill it.

I do appreciate all that you are doing with, though - I've been "with you" since OneList and eGroups... and have sadly (and angrily) watched Yahoo all but kill groups with Neo and neglect. Thank you for providing a service that we can escape to and keep things going.


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