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If there is a waitlist, and one has already rsvp'd with a plus one, then one cant add or change to a plus 2.   that is, the event is full, so you cant add.  Period. If the event is NOT full, then a member can change to a plus 2.

  and a plus two cant be waitlisted separately from your own rsvp.   If you want to do a plus two, you would have to rsvp NO, and then rsvp yes with the plus 2, and take your changes on it all moving up on the waitlist.  this can be a bit confusing to members at times, but usually not to the owner/moderators.    At least, this is how Meetup does it.  meetup also doesnt notify members that they cannot rsvp with a plus one when the owner has disallowed plus ones. It just kicks out their rsvp not accepted.  this DOES confuse members, so I have to add NO PLUS ones in the event description.  

Meetup has some good qualities, and some frustrations.  when IO has finished building all the stuff in, I would rather be there.    But not unless I can mass move my hiking group over.  My social group, FriendsConnections, was a bit of a pain getting everyone over to IO from Meetup.


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My social group on IO has been pretty successful using the invite system.  However there is no way to indicate or allow the inviting of guests.  Meetup for example, allows you to rsvp with a Plus 1 or Plus 2.  And I think Facebook allows indicating bringing a guest too.   It would be great if the event invitations on IO allowed this.    Or if it DOES, and I am missing it, let me know.   Currently I dont see this as an option. 

How would this work for events that have a max number of attendees and a waitlist? That is, say I RSVP for an event with a +1. Others then also RSVP and there's a waitlist. What if I want to bump up my +1 to a +2? Or if I remove my +1, so there's now one spot that can go to a waitlisted person, but the first person on the waitlist has a +1 (so would need 2 spots)?


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