moderated Re: Google Drive Integration


Hi Ricky,

On Thu, Mar 9, 2017 at 5:48 AM, Ricky-KF5WVJ via Groups.Io <slikriktn1@...> wrote:

How often does the upload attachments to google drive? the reason i ask is,when i first set it up and posted a topic with an attachment and it up loaded immediately to google drive, since then i have posted a couple more topics with attachments and they still have not been uploaded to google drive. this happened the other day when i was testing google drive integration for our group.

The attachments should be uploaded immediately when the message is sent. There were errors (from Google) when you recently tested it, and I've been trying to track them down, but unfortunately haven't had any luck so far. Off list, can you give me some more information: when did the integration last work for you? Did you make any changes to your Google account since then?

You should be able to fix it by logging out of the Google drive integration and then set it up again. But I need to find out why the integration 'went bad'.


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