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That answers part of my question. I was actually talking about a situation where someone not logged in goes to the site, tries to join a group, and when asked for an email address, enters the address of a current member other than themselves (I.e., someone who is already confirmed in general). So in that case the system asks them to log in and they are prevented from joining if they are not that person and so can't log in as them. Good.

But the other part of my question remains the same. Suppose someone already a member (I.e., with a account, I.e., already belongs to at least one group) tries to join a second group, I believe that no confirmation email is sent in that case. Correct?


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If someone is confirmed, then anyone else can go to the
site and enroll them in any other group, without being that person.
Not unless they are logged in as that person. Which they can only achieve by having that person's password or by receiving an Email link to log in, sent to that person's email address.



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