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On Tue, Mar 7, 2017 at 10:53 pm, Mark Fletcher wrote:
if you're not confirmed, the NC shows up for all your subscriptions.


Please humor me for a moment. ;)

Yes, I understand the above. "NC" appears for all subscriptions if the member has not confirmed. But conversely, if they HAVE confirmed, just once, just for the first group they apply to, then NC appears for NO successive groups they apply for. "Confirmed or not confirmed" is a variable dependent on an email's membership in "at least one group," not in a particular group. (I can see this, for example, by banning a particular email address. If that email address happens to be a member of just one group, not even ours, then no "NC" appears after their name in the "banned members" list, even though they are not a member of OUR group; and conversely. Banning an email address is, I discovered by chance, a way to find out if a particular email address is yet participating in at all.)

That's the basis of my question. If I understand correctly, "NC" just means that the member has clicked on their confirmation email for the FIRST group they have applied to join. If they already belong to any other group besides mine, and they then apply to join mine, then if I understand correctly, and based on seeing what I see when I ban a particular email address, no "NC" appears after their name. And that, I have always understood (and as you say here), means that once I approve their membership, they have access to my group immediately. They don't need to "re-confirm." So I still ask: if a confirmation email still sent to a pending in this case - the case that they are already have a confirmed account (in the sense that they already have a subscription to at least one other group)?

I understand completely that a pending member does not have access to my group's content, even after approval, if they have not confirmed. (That has been a source of headache for me, as you know from the couple of times you've done me the favor of confirming already-approved members who could not for the life of them find their confirmation emails.;) That is not what I'm asking about. My problem is that it seems to me that once an email address has confirmed their " membership" (which I use to mean "is a member of at least one group"), someone ELSE can go to the website and apply to join any OTHER group using the same email address, assuming  that no "confirmation" email is sent for every subsequent group someone joins or applies to, once they belong to at least one. On the other hand, if subsequent confirmations ARE sent for each group, then my question is, what does this change internally? It does not change whether or not "NC" appears by their name. Because once they're confirmed for ONE group, they are confirmed, period. (Again, my "proof" is what I see when I ban any email address that happens to belong some other group besides mine.)

I hope I am making my question more clear this time. Bottom line: If an email address already has a account (i.e., already belongs to at least one group), then is a new confirmation email sent out when they apply to join another group? If so, why (internally speaking), since the NC is already gone from their email address in general?


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