moderated Site updates #changelog


Changes to the site this week:

  • NEW: Sent out emails to premium groups telling them that we will begin recurring charges in the next several weeks.
  • CHANGE: Premium plans now support having group aliases (previously this was an Enterprise plan only feature).
  • NEW: Send an email reminder to people with credit cards that will be expiring next month.
  • BUGFIX: With the Github integration, we were not properly converting pull request comments from markdown to HTML.
  • CHANGE: Clicking on a PDF in Files will display it in the browser now. Still concerned about security issues with other files, tho.
  • CHANGE: Removed the 'Recently Posted Photos' part of the group home page.
  • NEW: New attachments view to see which messages are taking the most space.
  • BUGFIX: For edited pending and archived messages, force any plain text parts to be UTF 8 encoded. We were already forcing the HTML parts to be UTF-8, but that ignored plain text only messages.
  • CHANGE: The members display is now striped, hoverable and you can click anywhere on a row to get to the member. Hopefully this reduces confusion.
  • CHANGE: Improvements to the Subgroups table for groups with large numbers of subgroups.
  • BUGFIX: When viewing a member, don't display the Remove button if you don't have permission to remove them (it didn't work before, but we shouldn't have displayed the button anyways).

Have a good weekend everybody.


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