moderated Re: bug? or bad feature? "Likes" by former members go to error message, should be removable? #suggestion #bug

Brian Vogel <britechguy@...>


           I have no argument with what you're saying if the intention was to make someone's profile unavailable, but I'm not absolutely sure that's the intent.

           Since there is a "" profile along with the ability to create group specific profiles I would imagine that one of those (probably the profile) is meant to be accessible at least so long as you're a member of if not "in perpetuity."

            There is one forum, on another site, that I ceased to be a member of when I left the club that sponsors it where my profile still exists and can be accessed coming up on four years after my active membership ceased.  I do not object to this as all of that information was public when I was a member and, as far as I'm concerned would always remain public.  That has always seemed to me to be the purpose of a profile on any web-based medium that uses one.

             I will agree, though, that something needs to be changed with the current status quo.  If the intent is to "erase the member's profile" then the ability to click through to said profile should not be possible and that "page not found" should not be displayed.  If the intent is to keep information for the historical record then the profile information should remain accessible and displayed.

             I have no strong feelings about which is "the right solution."

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