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 I agree that messages and other content should remain in the archives after a member leaves a group, of course. But I don't think their profile should be accessible to the members. And indeed, it is not. The problem is that currently, that inaccessibility, which I feel sure was intentional on Mark's part, includes or is achieved in a buggy way ('page not found').


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I find the current situation odd, that's for sure..

It is my feeling that the online archive serves as "the historical record" and just because one chooses to leave a group does not and should not result in one's actions while a member of said group being erased upon one's departure.  One's messages do not disappear from the archive if one leaves a group (and I know of no way to force that to happen and would protest it were it to be asked for) and I see no reason for one's "Like" actions to do so, either.

It could be argued either way about access to one's public profile, but I think that should be maintained, too.  What one elects to do online "in public" at the moment of its being done should be expected to remain public in perpetuity.

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