moderated bug? or bad feature? "Likes" by former members go to error message, should be removable? #suggestion #bug


I recently left a group in which I had "Liked" one of the posts. The group has public archives. I went into them, after leaving the group, with the hope of undoing the "Like" because I didn't want my profile accessible from the group. Two things happened:

(1) When logged in as the user who had "Liked" the post, I could see "you liked this" but was unable to undo it.

(2) When logged in as a different user, I could see "1 person Liked this" and could click on my (other) user name, However, the click took me to an error message. I could click on "1 person" which successfully took me to a picture of my (other) user profile, but clicking on that link led to "404 page not found."

On the one hand, I was gratified to see that members of the group I'd left no longer had access to my profile, making (1) (the ability to Unlike the post after I'd already left the group) unnecessary. On the other hand, (2) allows people in the group to see my user name and profile picture (which shouldn't happen in the first place), and then leads to a "not found" bug when they click on it.


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