moderated Re: Calendars


On Thu, Mar 2, 2017 at 06:56 am, aimee wrote:

1. Is there a way for everyone to see their entire calendar including events in all their sub-groups? It is difficult to keep track when there is more than one sub-group also adding events.

Yes there is. If you go to your "Your Groups" page you will see "calendar" on the left navigation bar. That will have all the events from all the groups/subgroups you are subscribed to.

2. When RSVPing, can we have an option to bring a guest(s) to an event?

Good idea, but I'd love controls on this: ie: make allowing guests an option mods/admins can enable or disable, and in addition if enabled, make it an option for events, as not all events can allow guests. I'm not sure what a +1 would look like in terms of the RSVP visual though. I'd think the +1 info would need to be collected in a database that requests name, email and other info of the guest you are bringing and ads a +1 to the member's RSVP box and to the total attendee count.


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