moderated Calendars


Hello everyone! I have a few questions/suggestions for the calendar.

1. Is there a way for everyone to see their entire calendar including events in all their sub-groups? It is difficult to keep track when there is more than one sub-group also adding events.

2. When RSVPing, can we have an option to bring a guest(s) to an event?

3. When I create a recurring event and check Send Invite to Group, does it send every single instance of that recurring event? Is there a way to just send an Invite to the Group for just the most current or just that specific instance of the recurring event?

4. Here is something else that I had issues with:

  1. I added a recurring event for the year.
  2. I made changes to some months where I knew we would not be holding that event.
  3. I went in to update the description for the entire event.
  4. When I got done, all the events I deleted were back again and all the location changes I made were gone too.

5. Event Locations: can this be a dropdown so we can select from previous locations or add new locations?

Thanks so much!

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