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On Tue, Feb 21, 2017 at 09:57 am, Mark Fletcher wrote:
it removes all threading information from the message headers. At least in that case, there is no reliable way for us to know it was a reply to another message.

Darn it! 

 I think that creating new threads via changed subject lines is generally a good thing, no?

I used to think so, but I've completely stopped doing it myself in my group, and I've started to discourage group members from doing it. The problem is that what happens is you get two of the same thread floating around, because some people continue to respond to the prior (first-named) email thread as they go through their inbox. Then things can get really confusing. At one point recently in my group, we had about five threads on the same subject. We had the original thread that someone started, then I tried to rename it to add the cat's name. Then people were responding to both of them (and thereby missing all the ones in between in the OTHER one), so I tried to merge them into one. I don't remember the chronological sequence any more but it was a MESS! I tried to lock one (or more) of the original ones to force everybody into the same conversation, and somehow they kept proliferating. People responding via email were not locked out, and the rest were, and it got really, really crazy! (Thank goodness this particular topic was not a controversial one.) I reached the conclusion that it's almost never a good idea to rename or split a thread, and I now avoid it at all costs! At minimum, it causes me to have to continually merge new one-post threads starting up by people who are responding by email.

If someone is doing this to deliberately get around a lock or moderated topic, I'd think that'd be reason to at the very least put them on moderation.

That's true, and I think this would happen rarely. It's more a matter of email vs web responders. That said, it's hard to discern motive, and harder politically to accuse someone of doing this. It's easier just to put the thread itself on moderation (or so I used to think), so as not to be singling anyone out. But now I realize it just doesn't work.

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