locked Re: Beta Digest

Laurence Taylor

On 24/01/2015 12:20, ro-esp wrote:

Mark, will replying in the reply box allow that reply to show at the top
of the message or do you at least have an option?
As much as I hate that, I don't think it can be banned without pissing
off a load of people who prefer it that way
And we shouldn't do that because? :-)

Yes, and that's why I request an (optional!!) autotrim-feature like
some googlegroups have. It simply deletes everything under the last
unindented line, before the message is sent. Ideally (....) the cursor
would be positioned at the start of the first written line UNDER the "
at date and time, userxy@domain.pq sent:"
This is probably more of a luxury, but I've seen it done: reject any
message that has less original content than quoted. Will soon put a stop
to those people who quote the last 46 messages just to say "me too".


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