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weebeequilting <weebee.1@...>

I just looked at the new Delivery Options under Subscriptions and see there is a brief but helpful explanation for each. I need a little more detail. I think my confusion is how often a Daily Digest is sent out.  The last I remember, the Daily delivery was changed to after 12 messages rather than 25.  I think that is the area I need clarified.  How often and when the Daily Digest is sent out now.  I'm wondering if including that as part of the description under Delivery Options might help people make a more informed decision.  To me, Daily Digest suggests once a day but I don't think that is true.  By including a more detailed but simple explanation for the Digest options, it might clear up any confusion the word "Daily" might cause.  

Thank you.

Janice Bahrt

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