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Tami D <artfulmuze@...>

Its strange. The member activity says she reported a message as spam and I received the email that she was unsubscribed for reporting a message as spam but she says that there was nothing in her spam folder and she never received the email telling her she was unsubscribed..

I have to do a little more digging. Maybe she has her email (Yahoo) delete spam messages automatically.
Thanks for the help Shal

Tami Davis

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Sent: 2/7/2017 6:39:52 PM
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I got a message from the other owner of my group that she was
unsubscribed but there was nothing marked as spam and she didn’t
receive an email letting her know she was unsubscribed.
If you haven't, try searching for her email address in the Member Activity table and Moderator Activity tables of your group's Activity page. One or the other of those ought to say something about how she was unsubscribed.

If neither does, and she was in fact unsubscribed, I'd report that to as a failure of the Activity Log system.


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