moderated Re: Digests tweak


In busy groups what I am seeing is: the increase in digests has helped increase activity. So that's a good thing.

But yes, perhaps there are those who are wondering why they are getting 2x the amount of digests, but still may prefer the fact that finally they work well - lets remember that not only were they clipped - they were truncated with no link in gmail app PLUS the reply to links didn't work properly in the expanded version - so big issues.

But I did receive one feedback from a person who felt the frequency of digests was too much (even though it's exactly the way it was on Y! now) - this was a newbie so the prior user "training" didn't apply, and I suspect that even the 1 digest every 25 messages would have felt like too much for that person as they still would have gotten 2 or even 3 in a 24 hour period from 2 of our busy groups. I'm actively requesting feedback so I may learn more.

My suggestion at the moment, is to have an additional email delivery option: "daily summary of activity". This could be every 24 hours/ daily. I'd suggest on that one (since it will be clipped/truncated) to make the index titles link to the actual web version of the posts. I'd also suggest that the reply links link to the web interface so people can use that to reply (because the reply links don't work well after the digest gets truncated). And this could be an elective option for those who don't want multiple digests but don't want special notices only. 

Also - i think once the issue of that 1AM digest is resolved that will help too.


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