moderated Re: Event: Site maintenance, Thursday, 2 February 2017 #downtime #cal-invite


On Wed, Feb 1, 2017 at 11:38 am, Mark Fletcher wrote:
I learned long ago that group owners are very possessive of their groups and members, and do not like anything happening with their groups that they don't know about or control.

Right. It can be a cultural thing. Some groups might simply forward your message verbatim (as i did today, modulo screwing up the date and having to correct it lol). Sometimes I will preface it with "forwarded from's fearless leader." Some groups might want to write, "Yo! [insert hip-speak here indicating system will be down]" Some groups might want all communication to be in Swahili.

As for Brian's comment about fussiness, yeah, I'm fussy and proud of it! 

Seriously: some members won't care at all about the downtime and would be annoyed by emails. In some cases, that includes me. In some services I use, it simply goes down when it goes down, and if you want info, you go to the site. I sure would not want emails every time every system I use goes down. When I was a yahoo participant (before becoming a group owner) I certainly would not have wanted them.

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