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At first I liked the idea, but a status banner works better for me. Plus I hate to think about what the spam filters would do if the messages were sent to all the groups....

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Brian wrote:
Might this not be something that should show up in each and every
group in It seems like it's something that every user
should be aware of. I have seen this notice, and the related post
about planned outage, only on beta.
I concur with Brian. I was thinking that perhaps this calendar entry would be better placed on updates@, as that reaches far more users. Or perhaps there should be a separate list for site status.

I would hope that a mechanism exists for "the Grand Poo-Bah of" [Mark right now and for the foreseeable future] to blast
a message out to each and every group in existence at a given point
in time.
I wouldn't want that posted as a message in my groups, as a group owner I'd find that intrusive. However a status banner on the web pages (all of them), just below the logo bar, might make sense.

For an event like this I don't think an email blast to _all_ users is warranted: the vast majority are unlikely to visit the site during the affected hours anyway. A notice on the site pages would be better targeted.



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